Cowboy TV is not a transvestite, he is not

  • Cowboy TV is not a transvestite, he is not genocidal, and no jury has ever convicted him of anything! Instead, he is

  • hiding from the police. Every siren sends his hairs standing on edge. He longed for familiar faces, but knew it was too dangerous to venture out into the open and look for

  • curly fries, though he was hungry. The "flavor" of late night Jack in the Box had his throat. THC schooled through his head, thrashing for salty grease, but he had seen tree people

  • at DragonCon cavorting with a group of Stormtroopers. All was cool until some activist showed up and called them sinners. So, he

  • found the guys in Jesus and the 12 Apostles costumes and asked them to get set up at the long table.

  • They were hungry and it free food was offered along with the company of a less than respectable young lady from the nearby trailer park. Jesus and the Apostles kept their costumes

  • on and sat around a table with Wonderbread and cups of grape juice. "Guys," Big J said, "I think this is the last night we're gonna hang. I gotta bad feeling about tomorrow."

  • "JuDazz, you're just an a-hole." Dinner was not going well. We had to get rid of the Wonderbread, of course, and then Big J started talking about his "real Dad" again. It wasn't

  • long before someone stood up suddenly and screamed at him to shut up, that started a yelling fight between the two, resulting in someone throwing a chair at "Big J"'s face. We had

  • lost all hope in settling the argument, so we let them sort it out themselves. "Honestly, who CARES whether Jacob is hotter than Edward?" I thought to myself.



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    Happy Easter!

  2. Bad. Apr 24 2011 @ 13:45

    Happy Zombie Day!

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