"RUN!" she shrieked as the creature exploded

  • "RUN!" she shrieked as the creature exploded upward in a cloud of blood and tentacles and serrated teeth. It was far too powerful. If they died it would be her fault, regardless of

  • what had happened in the past. She scrambled away from the coiling reach of the monster and ran.

  • "BWWAAAA!!" Cried the monster when it saw that its prey had escaped. It sat down and twiddled its thumbs whilst it waited for someone else to come along. He would rip them limb fro

  • m limb! "BWAAAA!" the monster roared again, but...to no avail. He was alone, once again, moping around without purpose, with no prospects, with no goals. It was pretty depressing.

  • "I need some advice on how to change my life around" The monster heard tramping of goats feet above & he lept out but it was a man with horns & a tail, carrying a large salad fork.

  • The monster shouted his usual line anyway. "Who dares cross my bridge? I'm going to eat you up!" The horned man was unfazed. "Actually, I'm here to offer you a deal," he said.

  • The horned salesman could see the monster was intrigued. "Are you tired of intrusions of your personal space? Look no further!" The monster looked at the devilish design and

  • laughed as loud as he could. "Are you kidding me?" - the monster said. "I rule this place, you idiot. YOU are the intruder, not the other way around." The salesman put his hands

  • on the ground where he was sitting. "Yes ... I think that's it ... that's my ass, right?" The monster guffawed again. "Moron! That's a hole in the ground! Now scram" The salesman

  • didn't budge. There was NO WAY he was leaving without selling that hole in the ground to the monster cos he was on commission. And they are still there at an impasse to this day...



  1. lucielucie May 31 2015 @ 12:48

    Never realised the devil was on commission. But it makes sense I guess.

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