"Only $0.17 more and I'll have enough money

  • "Only $0.17 more and I'll have enough money for some ChocoFlan!" said asthmatic Ricky Two-Buns just seconds before a planet from the Bermuda 8 system collided into his bedroom.

  • Fortunately, Ricky had set up an Anti-Bermuda-8-System-Planet Defence System(TM) 5 minutes ago, and so lived with only 9000000 brain cells lost.

  • Chris died.

  • But not literally, as in DIED died. No, Chris died metaphorically as in "complete embarassment." Chris died of embarassment because her friends were messing around on FoldingStory

  • writing sexually suggestive tales about her. She was afraid people would believe them! They knew how shy she was and it made her a little angry, too. Chris decided

  • to stop tweeting the sexually suggestive tales about her. 140 letters was too difficult to get the point across anyway. Chris decided to express his love by sending her a box of

  • chocolate monkeys in erotic poses. Unfortunately, the label was swapped at the shipping company and she ended up receiving a box of cadaver heads. Not the kind of head he was

  • hoping for, but when life gives you cadaver heads make lemonade and learn how to juggle. His hands would get cold while juggling frozen heads, but the money was worth it, because

  • He could spend it on embalming fluid, bandages and pâté de foie gras. All was well until the day a cadaver head spoke to him. 'Stop throwing me around or I'll get Le Monstre onto

  • a subway train and have him incite riot amongst the winos." But the West Mississippi Plastic Pants Task Force was waiting for the cadaver head, preventing its plan. All was well.



  1. lucielucie Feb 23 2013 @ 03:58

    Love those chocolate monkeys in erotic poses - never know which bit to bite off first.

  2. Rachel Feb 23 2013 @ 10:12

    Is James a troll?

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