She had just finished the last drop of whiskey

  • She had just finished the last drop of whiskey as she slammed the bottle down onto the table. Laughing and crying all at once, her body and mind was buzzing with many thoughts.

  • "How could he have left me?" She thought. She finished off the bottle of whiskey and then began to chuckle with sadistic laughter. "I know what I'll do! I'll

  • eat his head! I've heard that heads make the finest stews and his head is full of beautiful nastiness so it'll surely add a kick of spice to my

  • life as a zombie. I was craving brains and his were on tonight's menu.

  • Shatter images splintered into my consciousness with each bite. His childhood tasted like warm gooey chocolate. His first encounter smelled like roses and salt. Each crackled with

  • static because the signal was weak. I tried to increase the amps on my Pervert Receiver and nothing helped. Damn, maybe I should switch to Direct Pervert TV, I could eat a lot

  • of ramen to save up the cash for the upgrade to Direct Pervert TV. It was worth it, what with the scintillating interviews and the always-happening calendar of events. It was a

  • treasure trove of trash. Paula just couldn't scrub the kitchen dishes fast enough to get ready for her date with Ike. Ike didn't watch TV. He was an "out on the town" kinda guy.

  • "Why watch other people do stuff on tv when you could be out there doing it yourself?" was his motto, so Paula knew this date was going to be

  • a sort of gameshow in which she, the contestant, would be twisted into various unladylike positions while he, the host, flirted with the audience, mouthing the right answers.



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