"Is there a problem, officer?" Oh, I knew

  • "Is there a problem, officer?" Oh, I knew there was a problem - a hooker's arm wasn't jammed into my tailpipe by accident. But I needed to stall him just long enough to charge my

  • 2in1 light saber/macaroni maker. I could see the officer piecing the clues together. The argon tank in the glove compartment and the hooker's arm could only lead to one conclusion:

  • Clockwork Sally had returned to Oklahoma City. The officer was about to call this into HQ when

  • a familiar cow-like voice behind him said "This isn't the perp you're looking for." It was Detective James Manatee, lettuce head in hand! He was about to crack this case wide open.

  • "Allow me to demonstrate." Manatee P.I. broke open the iceberg lettuce. "As you can see the edges are brown. So he didn't use a serrated knife." The man you are looking for

  • wields a Ginsu genuine 7 in Santoku knife. Are any of your acquaintances infomercial addicts? As usual Manatees line of inquiry was as sharp as a

  • n object that's sharp but pointed in many different directions like a medieval mace. Det. Manatee was known for unorthodox interrogation methods and small, widely-spaced eyes that

  • spell "fetal acohol syndrome"

  • So as I spelt the dreded word my breath got caught in my throut I couldn.t speak nor breath was my life over I thought in my head and then...

  • A bunch of ninjas with jetpacks appeared out of nowhere and slaughtered the whole room. My life was over, and I learned that a person can't outrun their mistakes. Ninjas are fast.



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