Drive-thru speaker: Welcome to ShamanZone!

  • Drive-thru speaker: Welcome to ShamanZone! How may I take your reading?

  • "Um, I'll take the chicken entrails reading with an extra helping of hopeful obfuscation &I've got a coupon for a free palm reading." "Thankyou. Please pick up your order in the

  • " *crackle* the machine cut off. I gave it a tap but it was dead. Great! Now I didn't know where to go to get my palm read. I wandered over to the

  • backstreet doctor's shack. There were hundreds of slippers at the doorstep, probably stolen from the USSR. Maybe the doctor here could read my palm. I knocked on the office door.

  • I stood there for quite a long while and was about to leave, when Dr. Kropotnik yanked open the door. He handed me a note that said "Are you deaf?" then beckoned me into his shabby

  • bathroom where he opened the toilet lid. "Get in," he said. "You want me to what," I asked, amazed. He madly threw his hat on the ground and pointed, "Deaf deaf deaf! Get in!"

  • I had no choice but to trust the deaf man. So I climbed in the toilet and he shut the lid. He then opened it and went to the toilet. Then he flushed it and shut the lid again.

  • down the pipes we went spinning forever forever down.

  • How could he tell them he wasn't dead? He was just resting. They flushed him. He clung to a turd down in the sewer and caught his breath.

  • Then a tiny spark set off a huge methane explosion and he died. The end. (Note: No clownfish were harmed in the making of this FoldingStory.)



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