Thousands of years ago, a girl wished all

  • Thousands of years ago, a girl wished all dragons could be housecats. Now, many years later, the magic is fading. You notice it as your little ball of fluff is becoming less soft..

  • and has set your home ablaze while you were out buying a lotto ticket. Searching for the cat-dragon culprit seems like a good idea if you're ever able to douse the flames. Pets are

  • fun, especially for kids but not all animals make good pets. The cat-dragon is a good example of this. Cute when a baby, and great at toasting marshmallows in the backyard but

  • people always say, "what DID the cat-dragon? Get it? Drag IN? Hyew hyew hyew!" and you want to slap the living daylights out of them. So you are forced to send the poor cat-dragon

  • to a shelter specially designed to hold cat-dragons. Poor Luther the cat-dragon. You will miss him, but he has to go. He is in grave danger, the Mob Boss wants his head on a wall!

  • So Luther the cat-dragon went down to the shelter, a small warehouse on the outskirts of town. But one of the Mob Boss's agents managed to tail him with a telescopic bubble machine

  • gun. POP! POP! POP! The bubble machine gun fired furiously at Luther the cat-dragon. Luther pretended to be dead and crashed into the warehouse. The Mob Boss's agent slowly stood

  • And signalled it was time to fold stories. Luther was happy to have a break from crashing into warehouses. The car was totalled and needed to be fixed asap if he was to keep a job.

  • Then the Repairmanmammanman appeared with his magic hammer of choice, and said "HULK SMASH!"

  • Then I remembered that cat this morning. It keeps raising its hands up in the air and nobody knows why. I remembered because now I see a cheetah that does the same & catches birds.



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