Garrett was only 23 and not at all physically

  • Garrett was only 23 and not at all physically damaged when he decided to go for the most well-reviewed biochassis that he could afford. But when it came to dating,

  • Bender Rodriguez had nothing on him- Garrett insisted: fem-bots only! Donning his cyborgian contraption, he hit a bot bar. Everything went ok until someone yelled: "Ethanol shots!"

  • But Rodriquez cyborgian contraption had nitric acid coursing through the pneumatic valves & when he'd taken a couple of ethanol shots, the fluids mixed. The Fembots dancing on the

  • river and singing loud started to feel worried about their

  • feet getting wet and having mud on their face, but they had to start somewhere. So they took the gig and opened for a better known act at the local watering hole, called

  • "Stanky Pound". Their album "Looking for Stanky Pound", had the #1 hit, "I Still aint Found no Stanky Pound". The crowd was booing them, yelling "We want Stanky Pound" until they

  • came out onto the stage singing their newly released EP "Stanky Pound is back". Everyone wept in enjoyment of their music. The grass beneath the stadium shook to the drum beat.

  • Those cymbals were like fireworks as the masses of bodies and colors whirled around. It was like Woodstock, maybe I am just exaggerating. Maybe what was in the brownie I ate could

  • Wake me up on a Sunday morning when I felt comatose. It felt surreal to realise how we are all getting old. One of my music idols as a kid was on the radio and he was now 75, which

  • means we'll at least have good music when we all die & go to heaven. Until then, I'll just sit here on my porch, sipping my coffee laced with Geritol, remembering the good ol days.



  1. SlimWhitman Aug 17 2016 @ 00:25

    Just reminiscing on the good ole days when Bender Rodriguez, Garret & me debuted at Bot-alicious as "Stanky Pound". Back in 2150 they still made good music.

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