Carl was scanned the text displaying on his

  • Carl was scanned the text displaying on his screen, "Click here to download GeniusLog to improve your web browsing tools and experience," it said, but Carl just wanted fold stories

  • and cricket gambling. After the Burmese bowler drew agricultural shots from consecutive batsmen, the captain issued a declaration resulting in contrived circumstances, whatever

  • that means in these parts. Not seeing any alternative the opposing captain threw in The Sticky Wicket. Then all pandemonium broke loose. Flames erupted from deep inside the Wicket.

  • It was the same evil Sticky Wicket that had ended the legendary match where Lala Bausabad bowled out Sir Rupert Seamonkey. The flames & sparks shot skyward from the wicket. Fans

  • went wild, and dropped a trail of phone cords as they started the wave!

  • Rippling across the field of zombies in a macabre display of joyous gore and decay, limbs flying, the wave met its starting place and decided, just for fun, to go 'round again.

  • "i wish i wore my knee pads" said grace "we need to start thinking that the future will always be like this, so we really need to start taking care ourselves" she took a couple

  • of hits of acid and began to design her new health regimen. "At 4am each morning," Grace recited to an imaginary dictaphone, "I will fight a giant spider. 5am: yogurt. 6am: Play

  • Shalangriu according to some rules that other people have devised? And write upon -- this alphabet -- larky lar -- oh you of the timeclocks -- I am the Grace, she decided, as vague

  • as can be; she fell to the floor and spun her legs in a circle. Music like bike horns and clown cars filled the air. "All over and under..." she sang quietly



  1. Woab Feb 26 2019 @ 11:14

    "Music like bike horns and clown cars filled the air." Pure joy. Welcome, Lammicken.

  2. BlastedHeath Feb 27 2019 @ 13:30

    "agricultural shots" hahah

  3. BlastedHeath Feb 27 2019 @ 13:32

    And ditto what Woab said! Welcome, Lammicken!

  4. SlimWhitman Mar 04 2019 @ 01:24

    Nice one, the whole story and esp. the quiet sounds still ringing in my ears at the end.

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