Five dollars and a baloney sandwich. That's

  • Five dollars and a baloney sandwich. That's all I need to

  • perform a small miracle before your unbelieving eyes." Martin thanked some lady for the baloney sandwich and some guy for the fiver. As Martin tore the fiver into pieces, a Federal

  • Agent, who's name-tag read, "Agent Smith". Could it be? THE Agent Smith? The one from The Matrix? I gasped when all of a sudden he pulled out a strange device. This magic show was

  • just beginning. The magic in question, however, was of a slightly more interesting subject matter. Removing every article of clothing, Agent Smith began to shake and to shimmy.

  • This was, after all, the love shack. The whole shack began to shake and shimmy. The tin roof was rusted. There was a really large Chrysler that was ready to set sail. Agent Smith

  • knew he needed to be in a place where love rules. He spent the night in the funky little shack huggin & a-kissin, dancin & a-lovin. When dawn broke Agent Smith arrested the whole

  • kit and caboodle. Literally, the kit and caboodle because that was all that was left at the scene; a bag of cat food. Agent Smith smelled and inside guy. B52 was already crossing

  • His cat was with him and chewed the food bag open. She ate some and walked away. The cat food was tested and found safe. Agent Smith had encountered a dead end. It was a cold case.

  • "That's life" Agent Smith thought aloud. Walking slowly towards to unlock the door. What was he going to file in his report? All leads lead to nothing--He had nowhere to look

  • but up, to the future--a bright, blue future. A bright, beautiful future. Agent Smith pushed the door open for the last time, a small smile tugging on his weather-worn face.



  1. EtherBot Sep 15 2016 @ 03:14

    This story was a little beautiful tbh

  2. PurpleProf Sep 15 2016 @ 22:51

    My Aunt Valetta used to come to our house every Saturday morning to make sure my 4 siblings and I didn't kill each other while our mom (who gave piano lessons on Saturdays) was teaching. We were an unruly bunch. At the end of the day, my mom would pay Aunt Valetta five dollars and a baloney sandwich. True story.

  3. BlastedHeath Sep 15 2016 @ 23:46


  4. EtherBot Sep 16 2016 @ 02:18

    This went everywhere and nowhere all at once

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