Since High School, we have been playing one

  • Since High School, we have been playing one game of tag for fifteen years,

  • It's been great, me, jimmy, billy &fernando. We R all 20 years old now & in college, so instead of fake ID & trying to score w/ chicks, we were playing tag. For 15 years, I dread

  • ed hearing "duck, duck, goose!" or "Marco ... POLO!" However, I still get physically excited upon hearing "You're It!" when I am touched. Mainly because I know I am the IT every

  • time we play Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe, and I want to keep my winning streak alive. I also have a streak of being touched by every woman who knows my name. I usually grab her hand and

  • scream "DANGER ZONE! SHE TOUCHED MY DANGER ZONE!" Just cause these women know my name doesn't give them free reign over my body, even though I honestly enjoy the attention. Moe

  • t & Chandon had fueled their peri-menopausal horniness & the three women got even more aggressive. They licked & tugged their way past my DZ & entered my Sexual Twilight Zone. OMG.

  • I'm almost there, he thought. That's when the dorm room opened and Nate caught him masturbating. "Hey I put the handkerchief on the door!" Nate said, "that's not a handkerchief tha

  • t's my yarmulke!" "Oh jeez, sorry Nate." He said, "But I'd like to finish if you don't mind." Nate wasn't sympathetic, "Look, we have no space in this dorm for your jerking off and

  • besides haven't you noticed that it's making you go blind?" Nate had a point. His vision was going fuzzy round the edges - a tell-tale sign of persistant self-abuse. He called SOS-

  • Guide Dogs but they had a waiting list. It was a shame because those dogs are cute. He learnt to walk with a stick but it just wasn't as good as a friendly guide dog.



  1. MangoMania May 02 2013 @ 15:00

    What would happen if a seeing eye dog went blind from too much masturbation?

  2. PurpleProf May 02 2013 @ 17:51

    I want to comment, but there are just no words. I can't even remember writing my fold. I don't think I did. Someone must have logged in and pretended to be me. Yeah, that's what happened.

  3. lucielucie May 03 2013 @ 01:20

    I'm ordering in a crate of peri-menopause - sounds fun.

  4. MangoMania May 03 2013 @ 15:53

    Someone helping you write your folds explains a lot, because 2,119 folds is ridiculous. The average word count for a book is like 64,000, so you basically wrote an entire book on folding story. I recommend naming your book Sexual Twilight Zone, OMG.

  5. PurpleProf May 03 2013 @ 16:19

    I might get rich, MangoMania! Truth is (as you probably can tell), I am online about 14 hours/day. I am a full-time online professor in "real life" and am working in 3 - 4 different websites all at once most of the time. FS is where I come when I need a break and a few laughs, which is every few hours. Going back to "traditional" teaching for the next academic year, so my Sexual Twilight Zone book will have to go on hold. That kind of book won't give me what I need for my next promotion...unless I can talk the provost in joining FS.

  6. MangoMania May 03 2013 @ 16:25


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