I sat down at a table catching up with my

  • I sat down at a table catching up with my friends Sarah

  • I had a capuccino.

  • One of the really fancy ones. I could hear the people in line grumble as I laid out my order. Cup size, temperature, milk, flavor. Well, just deal with it. You'll have your turn.

  • I am a Barrista who doesn't give a rat's ass. I keep my job by undermining co-workers before I get fired. I give regular coffee to people who decaf and full fat dairy to rich moms

  • In my leisure time I take walk in Central Park just to make fun of the homeless, that irritate my sense for asthetic.

  • One day, however, one of the homeless decided that he wouldn't take my insults gratefully, and launched a licked-dry can in my general direction.

  • It hit me directly n the nggin. I culd n lnger remember the letter "". "This will mess up my texting" I thught. The hb laughed "That'll teach ya, ya gn." "h my gdness!" I yelled.

  • lttrs were disperng fstr thn I cld wrt thm I hd to do smthng before thy vnsd altogthr... qik 2 th typwrtr...

  • SHIT! THE CAPS LOCK IS BLOCKED. I'LL GET CENSORED BY THE ADMINS.. Ill hv 2 rtrn 2 th stpd cmptr. Hw cn cmmnct bttr? Braille. That's it. You'll have to feel my words

  • Feel your words? With Arthritis, Neuropathy and Palsy how the hell can I feel your words? Is this some kind of joke against old people. You Kids are Shits. Get out of my rest home.



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