She stared into the dark hole, becoming sick

  • She stared into the dark hole, becoming sick with the idea that darkness was becoming something she was getting entirely too used to. He beckoned to her, drawing her into the black

  • pit that was his room, "wait" she said, "what do you want to do? I've got some stuff to do back in the reception"

  • It was the bride. She was covered in embalming fluid. Apparently her uncle had died near the wedding cake and she was

  • covered in not just his juices, but also gallons of embalming fluid, making for one hell of a stench. As she ran towards the gas station while carrying a torch, she noticed that

  • there were five policemen blocking her path. But these weren't ordinary policemen—she could tell by the pine tree air fresheners around their necks—these were the Stink Police, and

  • and were coming to enforce a top-up of our scent glands. I'd heard about policemen like those before and decided I wasn't having their grubby flower scented fingers invading my

  • vagina. I didn't like the scent of flowers there. Well, not the flowers that these policemen grew. Really, they stole pot from teens to frame them. I like ACTUAL flowers, like

  • jasmin,tulips, fox gloves, toad flax, virgins bower, nose gay, motherwart, Ladys bed straw, kings spear, broom rape & rafflesia. I tired explaining the corpse smell to the officers

  • . "Have you ever smelt a corpse?" I said, nerves aflutter, "well it smells just like that! I'm taking my nap now. Only wake me if there are developments." The officers conferred &

  • agreed to return to reading out loud from their latest book club novel: The Sheik and the Impatient Virgin. Although morale was high, the list of unsolved cases was growing looong.



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 22 2014 @ 04:09

    And to some, unsolved cases are something as irresistable as a turtle grass shake, almost enough to lure him out of retirement...

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