I love you, he said to the doll. It just

  • I love you, he said to the doll. It just looked at him lovingly.

  • They lived happily ever after... Until Larkins stole the doll.

  • They attempted to retrieve the doll, but Larkins had made a great escape, so they went after him and so began their thirteen year road trip.

  • Only for said road trip to be ALMOST preemptively ended when the car was held up by bandits.Those thugs would've succeeded, if not for

  • the fact that we hadn't bathed in over a month. When they stuck their heads in the 100 degree car, after we'd eaten at an all you can eat beanery in Encinada, they started gagging

  • without volition, they vomited a wonderfully eclectic mix of violet goop all over the seats, well and truly violating any chance of selling the car.

  • Weird and wonderful though the wax was on that waylaid Winnebago, Walter wouldn't wash it with a wooden wand. Walter's wife Wanda wilted in its weary wake as he went westward

  • wrangling wildly about wintery wiles where wire wheels winded wondrously over workfolk withering on the wind. When whole wheat white-water rafters wasted away is when ways and mean

  • part ways, meanly. The means, feeling justified by the ends, weighs the wily ways ways while the wiles of Willa Ward wards way’s way. “Orale guey! Make way for las rayos del Sol.”

  • Dang it, I had to reboot the Google Translate server again. Remind me in the morning to get the devs to fix that rhyming module.



  1. KieferSkunk May 13 2020 @ 15:29

    So there! Hah! *phbbllt!*

  2. LordVacuity May 14 2020 @ 01:00

    Oh yeah! Take this then ... now. https://voca.ro/1Tj7nov0eBE

  3. KieferSkunk May 15 2020 @ 14:27

    Nice reading. :)

  4. KieferSkunk May 15 2020 @ 14:34

    Did one for a different story, if you're interested: http://foldingstory.com/8j0wi/a5u4ef/full/

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