Orchade Arcade was a small run down building.

  • Orchade Arcade was a small run down building. It mainly consisted of a toy store, a second hand book store, a sushi shop that had run out of business, and a door that stood in the

  • way of my dreams. Since childhood, I'd vowed that I would one day open that door and discover the secrets that lay beyond. Every attempt was an exercise in futility. The door would

  • flap open like a bird spreading its wings. I didn't know I could be so fast, an inspiration to millions of fans. The secrets revealed themselves to be eye holes. I didn't know. I

  • was sweeping above the audience in an incandescent cape of sequins catching the updraft from the heat of the stagelights. They watched eyes agape. I guess my spandex ripped about

  • right where my tail was taped under and I ended up having to take a dive into the orchestra to avoid a complete blowout. I used a tuba to cover up and exited stage right.

  • Bob Barker was back there. I hadn't been spayed or neutered, so I ducked into a backstage dressing room, startling a bevy of half naked beauties. Whimpering, I pleaded with my eyes

  • as if to say I hadn't eaten in days. Tail wagging, I sat up on my hind legs and begged. Yes, I know, bad manners. A dancer in a feathered flapper headband stopped and gave me a

  • piece of raw meat. I didn't know why a dancer would have that on hand, but I was happy, so I wagged my tail and barked before digging into the meat. "Good doggy," the dancer said,

  • and pet me on the head. I almost thought she was trying to steal my meat and growled quietly. "Where are you, Christa?" The dancer jumped. "Shoot, I need to get back."

  • I activated the portal device and quickly jumped through, leaving behind the red meat. "Honey, where have you been?" the wife asked, rubbing her chin. She would have to do.



  1. 49erFaithful Jun 04 2015 @ 12:00

    So when you walk through the secret door in Orchade Arcade you become a flying dog and then have to activate the portal to get back home. Pretty good I think; that works.

  2. KieferSkunk Jun 04 2015 @ 15:32

    Eh, stranger things have been known to happen. :)

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