I'm glad I met my friend Josiah Toast. He

  • I'm glad I met my friend Josiah Toast. He was clearly a shaman, even though he only had supreme skills in mundane card magic. It's not just that he provided cover for the rest of

  • us eccentrics with his cloak on rainy evenings. Josiah Toast's Ace Party also brought curious spirits out of hiding, thus spicing up our group vision quest. A mystical king vulture

  • sauce is something you can put on a breakfast burrito, or even a salad. Mystical King Vulture sauce is made in beautiful Oklahoma where one kind find the ripest, reddest, spiciest

  • King Vultures. Just take a large vulture, liquidise it and voila! it's sauce. Oklahomans swear that Mystical King Vulture sauce is the reason they have the highest fertility rate

  • in all the world. Nothing quite gets a woman in the mood like it. Not to mention the taste, a taste so heavenly that it has been said that it brought a tear even to Chuck Norris'

  • 2nd uncle once removed Johann von der Damm, Johann was a practicer of Kung von De Hulk, a little known splinter martial art mostly involving rotating your arms like a windmill.

  • This arcane discipline is useful when walking a tightrope, or skirting a precipice. How about in a fight? We interviewed J. von der Damm in hospital, all limbs in traction, after

  • Being rear-ended and not wearing seat belts. He was on some kind of tranquilizer, I suspected. Usually, he was not this lucid when interviewed. He didn't hesitate to mince words

  • Into their usage and etiology.

  • The medicine cured thousands of lives and this moment was forever established as humanity's new beginning. Turns out the plague coming back wasn't so bad after all.



  1. BlastedHeath Jan 19 2017 @ 21:04

    Mystical King Vulture Sauce -- Yeah! I do prefer a savory breakfast.

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