Foodfighting is a far-flung tradition here

  • Foodfighting is a far-flung tradition here at Worcester Prep. They don't call us the Fightin' Wallabies for nothing! You're a newbie, so you'll be in the front line today. Our ammo

  • today will be (looking over the cafeteria menu) boiled weiners & sauerkraut. "Oh. I thought you said FU fighting... like Kung FU fighting?" Thus, Kung Fu food fighting commenced.

  • The ketchup ninja's were deadly. The Sauerkraut Samurai flung hissing clumps of vinegary shredded cabbage into the Taco Chip Tai Kwan Do team's eyes. The Cafeteria Kumate had begun

  • to send more ketchup ninjas to attack the Taco Chip team. It was getting too much. Both sides, the karate fighting japanese and the tae kwan do koreans were exhausted beyond belief

  • And it was only 9am.

  • He put down the pen and allowed the sentence to dry on the parchment, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Well now my work is done. At 5$ per character that was 50$! He could buy a

  • big, fluffy, pillow upon which to lay his weary head, so he could rest up for the two words he would need to slave over in order to meet tomorrow's deadline. How could life treat

  • him with such bitter cruelty? Then suddenly, in his last hour of desperation, the Great Grey Fairy of Glibness appeared before him and spoketh these words: "Once upon." This only

  • was what it said. The scales fell from his eyes and he KNEW. AND I TURN NOW TO LOOK AT YOU, READER. I KNOW YOU. YOU DO NOT KNOW YOU BUT YOU WILL. NOW IS NOT THE TIME.

  • "Dang it! I left my fly open again didn't I? Stop peaking!" Nurse: "Who are you talking to?" Me: "The Futique in my head. She says she knows me." Nurse: "Have some pills, dear."



  1. St.Molecule Jun 09 2017 @ 19:33

    I am the speaker and the nurse and the Futique.

  2. LordVacuity Jun 09 2017 @ 19:38

    No. I am Futique. You can be all the others but I am Futique. Unless everybody else wants to stand up and also claim to be Futique like some dream they will never make.

  3. Rebbie Jun 12 2017 @ 16:09

    Lol. I have to side with Futique on this one. Only Futique can be Futique.

  4. LordVacuity Jun 13 2017 @ 15:25

    Anybody can be Futique once they pay me the franchise fee.

  5. Rebbie Jun 13 2017 @ 16:39

    Hmmm, got some pocket lint and a dirty penny?

  6. SlimWhitman Jun 13 2017 @ 18:09

    Your rates have gone up Futique. Pocket lint doesn't grow on trees!

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