TuLips Folker bent over her patient to clear

  • TuLips Folker bent over her patient to clear the phlegm from his breathing tubes. She was a wily blonde respiratory therapist with a whole lotta snot suckin' goin' on. Armed with a

  • decongestant and nostril pump she worked to sweep the phlegm out of every patient on the fourth floor. TuLips Folker hated her name. She would breathe a sigh of relief when she

  • married the love of her life, Tommy Tiptoe. He had no soul & he was a heel but he loved to take her to the golden arches. Finally,she thought she could be free of flobbage forever

  • . Tommy Tiptoe loved long distance running. He'd lace up his trainers & jog to his other wife's house & back in time for cocoa. His 'cocoa' wife thought if she took running, sh

  • e would be able to keep pace with him, secretly following him in her softest running shoes, all the way back to his other house. She longed for a glimpse of her competition - she w

  • As curious how fast she had to run. Now that the errands were done, she could relax for a while. The global reset was inevitable and it happened in 2017. The docile and uninformed

  • people were unaware of the global reset, but honestly, they didn't care when it happened, because it meant they didn't have to go to work.

  • instead they were turned into small children again. The global reset button also turn frogs into tad poles.Though sometimes it crossed their DNA making child mutant ninja frogs

  • with names like Ginsberg and Keroac, but only frogs could understand these strange children because they spoke only in croaks. They wore cloaks and tried to solve crimes, but

  • always found themselves chasing after butterflies as their vast, yet tiny, creative, yet dull minds grasped at the short straws of mystery.



  1. Woab Oct 27 2016 @ 10:37

    Good finish, p53ud0nym.

  2. PurpleProf Oct 30 2016 @ 21:03

    I happen to know for a fact that TuLips is actually a respiratory therapist. Alas, she has not been playing with us on FS lately.

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