breaking into the owner's house and call

  • breaking into the owner's house and call for the police. The door is opened and the robber ran as fast as he can.

  • He sprang towards the stairs, almost stumbling from the size of the bag he was carrying. Suddenly, he felt warm breath blowing against his neck.

  • "Great time to get cozy Barb" said her husband the Ninja while he was taking out the trash.

  • and by "taking out the trash", he meant carrying garbage to the can in the garage. Aging ninjas lead the same lives as you or me...sneaking out back for a smoke, cleaning up after

  • birds who leave ample evidence of their presence. If being a ninja taught him anything, it was to remain silent, but deadly. Never leave a trail for others to find. The aging ninja

  • flatulated-silent but deadly, leaving no trail, true to the ninja credo.Only he knew he wasn't really following the ninja philosophy-he was just an old man unable to digest kimchee

  • but possessing remarkable rectal control. Stealthily, Grampa Ninja wheeled his chair through the retirement home propelled only by his silent-but-deadlies. "This soup tastes funny,

  • " opined a fellow resident as Grampa Ninja zoomed past. Upon reaching the activity room, Grampa Ninja stealthily hobbled over to the yogurt buffet and cut in line. "Sprinkles," he

  • mused, dumping the colorful pieces into his pants. Grampa Ninja proceeded to parkour into the game room where he immediately looked for his girlfriend of the week, Susie. "Hey

  • baby," he whispered in her ear, "I've got a surprise in my pants for you." "EH?" He shouted, "I've got a surprise in my pants!" "A SUNRISE IN YOUR PANTS?" "SURPRISE!" "SUN FRIES?"



  1. Woab Aug 23 2017 @ 14:47

    We could call it "Sprinkles for Susie".

  2. juliyah Aug 23 2017 @ 15:54

    I second "Sprinkles for Susie"!

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