Oli ilus talvepäev. Pugesin sooja kombekasse,

  • Oli ilus talvepäev. Pugesin sooja kombekasse, pistsin käed villastesse käpikutesse ja jalad sokkidesse, tõmbasin läkiläki silmini ja olin valmis minema. Minema ...

  • which, translated from its original language, means...literally...Don't eat the yellow snow!

  • However, if instead of the original language you translated it from an unrelated language it would mean something completely different. In Dogon it translated into "the dog star's

  • ministrations, although unasked for, were welcomed and appreciated by White Cold Water On Mountain's Shoulders". The Dogon language was so evocative like that. In Urdu it transla

  • ted to "Tepid Little Pee Pee Stream".That was the trivial origin of the Mali-Pakistan Diplomatic Spat known in informally in UN diplomatic circles as Tricklegate. Mali's ambassador

  • had just sat down for a hearty bowel movement when Pakinstan's national anthem was played over the loudspeaker. Needless to say, the diplomat from Mali did not stand up from his

  • lunch but instead secretly spit spit wads at the Pakinstani representative. But he caught the Mali diplomat red handed. Soon there were spit wads flying everywhere.

  • A fun time was had by all as the cabinet delved into an all-out spitball warfare, the likes of which put any middle school detention hall to shame. A Turkish ambassador stood up,

  • and brandished his Kilij! He lopped off one of the cabinet's doors; it was defenseless before his blade. The cabinet's inferior spitball weaponry couldn't even dent his armor of

  • Solid oak. The cabinet was inhabited by the best folded stories ever, and this is one. Ephemerals became dust bunnies by comparison. The latter had transmogrified into rabbitholes.



  1. SlimWhitman Mar 31 2017 @ 15:03

    Fold 1: It was a beautiful winter day. Burrowed beneath the warm tradition cats villastesse, I doned mittens and stockings legs, pulled ushanka silmini and was ready to go. Go ... Now I;m curious to know what the warm tradition cats villastess is...

  2. Rebbie Mar 31 2017 @ 15:14

    Thank you Slim. It's a truly beautiful fold too.

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