Dr Goodfeel Drinkingstein bobbed violently

  • Dr Goodfeel Drinkingstein bobbed violently on my tweed waterbed clutching his balloon of cognac. We were playing at canoeing around the bend in the Danube just north of Budapest

  • But when we noticed a cameraman filming a children's show about the water cycle, Dr Goodfeel Drinkingstein and I dove into the river and were carried away by the undertow.

  • Dr. Goodfeel Drinkingstein told us eating the "select" fish he caught as we swam would ramp up our omega-3. "Mercury poisoning is a myth," he said. Soon, our skin turned oddly pink

  • and had the occasional wild urge to leap up a stream, but Dr. Goodfeel Drinkingstein said that would pass once out of Alaska. "But, Doctor -doctor! Can't you see I'm burning - burn

  • & hop for fermented wheat?" Dr. Drinkingstein, took a rubber hammer to my drinking elbow. The reflex was still there. "I prescribe a pint of stout a day to keep that pout at bay!"

  • Dr. Drinkingstein also prescribed folding stories on a Saturday and waiting on the regulars to show up Sunday. Why so few folded stories on Saturday? The doctor couldn't explain.

  • And it was unfortunate, as folding stories kept plenty of alcoholics from going out on Saturday nights to imbibe. Dr. Drinkingstein begged the Foldsters, "Please! Your friends need

  • stimulation and inspiration, but don't they need booze, as well?" and threw them each a bottle of Rye. "Gee thanks, Dr. Drinkingstein!" said the Foldsters, who were ready to party

  • for a maximum of 4 minutes. All 180 characters attended the party, all filing in one after the other, the last few in a cloud of red, perhaps on the count of the rye.

  • The Catcher got away as we all fell all over ourselves to prove what a bastardly bunch of phonies we were. We all fell silent when Portney made his complaint again & again & again.



  1. LordVacuity Mar 30 2017 @ 05:49

    The baseball reference was unintentional and has nothing to do with the fact that I thought RoboRoach's avatar looked to my bad sight like a baseball player because of the hat. The reason being I had already posted my fold before I saw his avatar.

  2. IceSquad Mar 30 2017 @ 09:53

    Depending on the distance between you & the screen, RoboRoach's avatar appears either like a baseball player, Sherlock Holmes, or Ryan Moore. Don't be fooled, however- he has one of the highest averages on the site.

  3. Woab Mar 30 2017 @ 15:44

    RoboRoach's line was fab, too.

  4. RoboRoach Mar 30 2017 @ 18:03

    Haha thanks guys. I need to get across these persistent characters! Left you with a full stop there Futique so you didn't have much to work with :)

  5. LordVacuity Mar 30 2017 @ 18:44

    No, by no means RoboRoach, your fold is great. I really think my fold plays off well from yours. I played off the last word, hence an allusion to Salinger's the Cather in the Rye and then threw in Roth's Portney's Complaint.

  6. LordVacuity Mar 30 2017 @ 18:48

    I was trying to echo Caulfiield's attitude by referring to them being phonies.

  7. Flopp Mar 31 2017 @ 17:38

    Ah the tweed waterbed returns

  8. lucielucie Mar 31 2017 @ 18:14

    http://foldingstory.com/oxpm3/ Writing about Dr Feelgood Drinkingstein is like a madness with me.

  9. lucielucie Mar 31 2017 @ 18:14

    Oops--got his name wrong

  10. RoboRoach Apr 01 2017 @ 01:30

    oops so did I... even after being bailed out of the mistake in the previous fold.

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