Oh YES! Go to the Falls!! Grab a cab and

  • Oh YES! Go to the Falls!! Grab a cab and spend $50 as he shows you the town. Be sure to visit a nearby winery and taste a perfect crop of Ice Wine!!!

  • My ears were peeled to every word issuing from my psychic's mouth- I WAS paying her $100 a minute. She suddenly stopped, gasped, & intensfied her concentration: "Wait...I see somet

  • hing ... orange! Yes, it's quite clear now. There's something orange in your future. That'll be $800," my psychic added. I should have seen that coming. Everything orange

  • became suspect after that. Which included the orange vest I suddenly noticed under my psychic's vestments. I grabbed at her & he(!) hit me with an orange wiffle bat I hadn't seen.

  • As I fell my feet dislodged a pile of large navel oranges that my psychic had under his "floating" table. I thought that was odd because I was sure I had looked under there before.

  • "That table was not floating! It was held up by all those navel oranges!" I cried, "You're no psychic, you're just a fruity phoney!" His face fell. It fell into a nearby juicer and

  • to finally answer your question, Yes, I really did enjoy my breakfast. Thank you." He stood up, threw the envelope with the psychic money on the table and walked off with the leggy

  • tomato in the little black dress. As I collected the psychic money & watched him & her walk out of my life, hopefully forever, I couldn't help but think what Pope would have done.

  • Pope would have forgiven them, of course, which was something I could not do. No, never. Not after what they did to me. She turned back one last time, her eyes pleading. I shouted

  • for her to get lost. Even as I said it, I felt wrong, but I could not, would not let them see. That was the last time I saw her again.



  1. Woab Jan 03 2018 @ 15:19

    Whoa, this whole story has an attitude.

  2. St.Molecule Jan 09 2018 @ 18:25

    It was the last time he saw her again but not the last time he saw her. He could say not again because he wasn't him then any more than he was him now.

  3. Woab Jan 10 2018 @ 13:07

    St. Molecule, I like the cut of your jib. Or jive. I am not sure which.

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