She wore flowers in her hair, on her dress

  • She wore flowers in her hair, on her dress and elsewhere. She smiled and gave me a wave and I

  • waved back. My throat began to dry and my armpits began to get sweaty under the warm sun. Her skin was kissed by an angel, perfect. her hair like strands of gold. She was

  • chunky, but that only meant I had more I could hold on to. Arms outstretched, I leaned in to kiss her voluptuous lips, but she pushed me away. "Do I know you?" she asked. "I don't

  • go for goblins like yourself." I looked at my hands. It was true! I was a goblin! She didn't go for goblins, eh? Well I am a strong independent goblin who don't need no woman.

  • Wait a minute... I'm sure I was almost as tall as an Orc mere moments ago. Didn't I have a human family? But before efore I could see through the obvious mind-altering magics, she

  • doubled down on the Glamour and all went hunky dory again. Since it was now clear she had the Creigddr inside her I would have to go with her to the King's Moot. Banished or not, I

  • had to save my only love from the Creigddr's possession. "I throw myself on the mercy of his majesty," said I, "to beg for the restoration of my Poopsie." The King gave me the stin

  • k eye: "Once you've vacated your bowels, there is no way back." I stared balefully at the steaming pile of poo amassed before his throne and wondered what use his kingdom had for

  • skimpy little imp pustules like me.



  1. IceSquad Nov 09 2022 @ 19:27

    Sorry, don't know why it doubled.

  2. IceSquad Nov 09 2022 @ 19:28

    If I say "wtf", will it also repeat itself?

  3. noah Nov 09 2022 @ 22:58

    Sorry IceSquad, some gremlins are lurking in the FoldingStory codebase. Currently tracking them down and eradicating...

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