'WTF did I do last night?' he thought before

  • 'WTF did I do last night?' he thought before noticing the beer cans, liquor bottles, take out and clothing littering

  • the floor. The room smelled like chicken wings and vomit. And if that wasn't enough, a naked midget then proceeded to

  • jump on the trampoline until the springs started to squeak under the strain. He called to everyone "Let's play popcorn!

  • "As I jump you pop like kernels in a hot pan of oil. The first one to fall out has to buy the next round." Not a bad idea, we thought. Up and on the trampoline we went, thinking

  • none of our feet would miss the pad and hit the springs. My friend Gunther was Top Mr. Trampolini at Jump Club in high school.

  • He liked to pretend he was Superman on the up, and Robin on the down. He told me, years ago, that he wore both Superman and Robin underwear at the same time, so he could pretend

  • his fondness for spandex was merely dressing up at comic book conventions and for science fiction fandom. It wasn't. He'd been wearing tights on and off since that first day of

  • kindergarten when he found a pair of spandex in the dress up bin, tried them on, and never wanted to take them off. He begged his mom for his own pair and that was the beginning of

  • of a series of super-heroic lacerations, bone spurs, splints, boots and neck braces. It barely phased me that he'd cut the crotch out of them and replaced them with a

  • bedazzled merkin the likes of which I'd never seen - and believe me, I know my way around the local Renaissance Faire. It was amazing. To this day, the memory leaves me speechless.



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