I started a story, just to find out about

  • I started a story, just to find out about this site...

  • I dusted off my binoculars and surveyed the vast wasteland before me. It was strewn with misguided thoughts and mispelled delusions. I surged forth in my writing schooner.

  • I was after the big monster that had taken my literary leg. Call me Captain Elliot. I run this editorial schooner that has set sail in this wasteland. I imagine the crabs below

  • scavenging on the rotting remains of my prosaic limb. Free now of the literary pretensions contained in my ex leg, I hove too & set course in my schooner for the legendary land of

  • Proselessia, where the sun is always shining and everyone speaks and writes as if they were all dropped on their heads as children. Yes, now that my leg is gone, life will be

  • as lopsided as my skull, yet as brilliant as sunlight reflected off my bald pate. "No, don't write that down," I told Sonny, my biographer. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the box,

  • nor the freshest. I really hoped he would have bathed before work but alas, he didn't. I couldn't blame him though. My life was full of excrement ready to be put into print.

  • But asides from the usual office shenanigans, the day was as dull as it ever was. A slow news day if ever there was one. Although, come to think of it, I never did find out whether

  • they ever found my dry cleaning. Last I'd heard, Dr. Claw had stolen it for some nefarious purpose, and of course Inspector Gadget was incompetent as ever. "Go Go Gadget

  • Whale penis. Inspector gadget unleashed his deadliest weapon and it flayed about hitting everything in its path. Suddenly a giant mutated panda attacked the inspector but



  1. Chaz Apr 23 2015 @ 13:26

    ...and now you know.

  2. KieferSkunk Apr 23 2015 @ 13:49

    Methinks Stark is obsessed with cetacean anatomy and abnormal variants of endangered bears.

  3. Perronicus Apr 25 2015 @ 03:13

    I remember when I first joined I looked everywhere to find instructions on how to use the site, it isn't obvious at first.

  4. lucielucie Apr 26 2015 @ 11:17

    I surged forth in my writing schooner. Very satisfying phrase thank you, Chaz.

  5. lucielucie Apr 26 2015 @ 11:20

    Also I was really confused when I joined the site. I used to wonder why there was a number next to my name. I didn't realise I was scoring points.

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