The Indian/Pakastani place was an obvious

  • The Indian/Pakastani place was an obvious contradiction which advertised Indian and Pakastani food in the same establishment and was ironically not called Kashmir. I couldn’t

  • help but wonder if this were more than some amalgam. I went inside and noticed a tiny egg-shaped object on the table.

  • It was an extremely potent Vicodin. I crushed it and wafted it up a nostril in a snuff-like burst and then took out my samurai sword to

  • do a little light yard work. I had a yard service but liked to work on the mulberry tree when the mood struck. I raised the sword and took a huge cut at the tree. Thwack! As I

  • watch the silk worms fall. Mulberry trees are illegal in some states as they feed the ever growing population of silk worms. Due to the treaty with China, the United States can

  • collect the cocoons but must then ship them to china where the silk is made into taudry bathrobes which are quite popular in the upper echelons of the communist party.

  • And the porn industry alike. Oddly enough the porn industry has more discerning taste than the commies which isn't surprising in light of the recent brew ha ha down South

  • Korea, where the communists are as thick as thieves. The adult entertainment industry capitol, Seoul, is in constant conflict as they struggle to maintain moral integrity.

  • Thankfully they have Andrew Lloyd Weber to trick posh musical enthusiasts into thinking that filthy, crab-infested war brothel hookers are worth thinking about. It was this that

  • encouraged the hookers to take up harmonicas and attempt to put on a musical. But they only played draw notes (sucking) so the music was terrible but brothel business soared.



  1. SlimWhitman Sep 19 2011 @ 14:19

    Nice sucky finish Chuckster ;-)

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