True story: A student signed up for my communication

  • True story: A student signed up for my communication class because he'd misread the course title. So he showed up on the first day, all excited to learn the art of Pubic Speaking.

  • I introduced the syllabus for COM 210, went through the usual rigamarole. A hand was tentatively raised. "So, um, when do we learn to talk using our, ah, pubic areas, or you know

  • my swimsuit area?" Professor Whipsnade didn't blink. He'd heard this sloppy gambit from a lot of needle-nosed self-proclaimed clowns. It was time to break this kid's comedy spirit

  • with force. He sighed. This was the worst part of his job. Not the actual beating up of upstart "funny" guys, he quite enjoyed that, but all the paperwork and copper dodging that

  • Four years later, the paperwork had been so nobody knew it doubled after the merger of the Union and the State banks into one amoebalike conglomerate. Robots ran it, 13,000 humans

  • serviced the robots. If the 13,000 people were needed to service the bots, why not just have the people do the pprwrk? Perhaps because pprwk is the most boring thing in the world.

  • Finally, at the request of the robots, the 13,000 people decided to let the robots do their own ppwrk. then the 13,000 people went to lunch. It was difficult to find a restaurant

  • but they ended up finding one next door to the office. It was a new restaurant called There Goes Your Lunch Hour. They sat all 13,000 of us & even gave us the Party over 12,000 dis

  • ease due to their harboring a "The Party Over 12,000 Disease Mary" in the kitchen. Sufferers experience tingling in the nose and prolonged bouts of uncontrollable self control.

  • At last they became followers of a zen culture who ate giant cherries and hid during air raid sirens in tall bunkers with no windows. Years in the future they would create utopia.



  1. LordVacuity Aug 30 2017 @ 15:01

    Not exactly my favorite bottled water but there are many much worse.

  2. LordVacuity Aug 30 2017 @ 15:22

    if was going for "discount".

  3. LordVacuity Aug 30 2017 @ 15:23

    but love the disease.

  4. Woab Aug 31 2017 @ 14:54

    I love the restaurant called "There Goes Your Lunch Hour", Futique! Hey! Rebbie's back!! Yeay!!!

  5. Rebbie Aug 31 2017 @ 19:22

    Hi Woab! Lost my job when my boss found out that I was being diagnosed with MS, so I took the kiddos and moved across state where my family is kindly helping me out. Time to start life again, dang it. But things will get better and I am super happy to be here. I am currently working on a book. Nothing so randomly amazing as folding story but, we can't all be comedic geniuses. Happy to be back. I missed everyone, very much.Thanks for the welcome back!

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