This is wrong, I know it, but I can't stop.

  • This is wrong, I know it, but I can't stop. Using stones and my catapult to put out street lamps is such a powerful way to hit back at the spoilers of the dark, we just don't need

  • all of this light pollution. How can we see the stars at night? How can we tell our place in the universe? I took my wrist rocket and shot at neon signs. My vendetta continues.

  • You continue on blasting light sources to stop pollution. You go from one light to the next, Incandescent, Neon, LED, Compact Florescent, no light source stood a chance except for

  • the bat signal that Chief Quimby had shot up. That light source could not be blasted for environmental reasons because when danger reared its ugly head

  • from out of the ugly environment, it would be prudent to have RPG ammo left over to rearrange its organs. We only had one shot left. The Bat-signal would have to wait. It wasn't

  • like the DM was giving us a fighting chance. Don't you need liquid nitrogen to kill gelatinous bugbears? "Me & Batgirl push a barrel of oil over & light it." "Roll a 13-sided die

  • . 1-6 it becomes enraged. 7 no effect. 8-13 it's destroyed." 3. "The gelatinous bugbear is now enraged." "I cast a magic missile!" "No. No. No. I told you. Go get me a Pepsi." "But

  • I thought you liked Coke?" BOOM. They forgot that any mention of the word "Coke" would result in a massive explosion of nutmeg, and before they knew it, they were all covered in a

  • hot-n-sweet-n-spicy glaze & their eyes were glazed too from what had just happened. Before they knew it, Aunt Annie came by & scooped 'em up and sold them as pretzels at the mall.

  • Aunt Annie got hold of a burnt pretzel and choked on it like President Humanzee. She was fine, but her kids asked her, "Annie, are y'okay? Are y'okay? Are y'okay, Annie?"



  1. Chaz Jan 28 2013 @ 19:42

    I've got to get a 13-sided die.

  2. Zetawilk Jan 30 2013 @ 00:40

    I want a 3-sided die.

  3. Chaz Jan 30 2013 @ 02:53

    1-sided die is a weeble.

  4. MoralEnd Jan 30 2013 @ 23:39

    1-sided die is a playing card.

  5. Zetawilk Jan 31 2013 @ 02:22

    2-sided die is a coin. I like how sometimes we get off on these little tangents about stuff which may have been the smallest detail in some stories. Also, Risus is a pretty fun and adaptable dice system.

  6. SlimWhitman Jan 31 2013 @ 17:50

    Sorcerors handbook: Chapter on Animation: creating a Gelatinous Bugbear. Ingredients: swimming pool, gummy bear. Instructions: Drop gummy bear in center of pool. Leave undisturbed for one month. When gummy bear is swollen to fill swimming pool read the animate gelatin spell, and then sing the incantation "Dieser Golem macht Kinder tot und Erwachsene ebenso".

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