Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain

  • Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. Please take your seats and securely fasten your seatbelts immediately. It's critical to remain calm. We're about to

  • make an emergency..." Captain Buster flipped off the intercom & smirked at copilot. Gutsman. The Captain dipped the control Yoke forward causing the 747 to

  • drop like a rock. Cptn Buster and Gutsman laughed. The quarter on Gutsman knee floated in the air. They leveled off. Coffee stirrers, papers, everywhere. Buster got on the intercom

  • again. Buster *always* got on that thing. What an attention whore. Luckily with the weightless flying quarters, no one cared much, because

  • Buster was happy and when Buster was happy, everyone was happy. It was pretty hard not to be happy when Buster was being an attention whore. Everyone loved Buster because

  • if they didn't, Buster would bust 'em. However, Buster was about the most unlovable attention whore EVER. His jokes were dumb. He was ugly. He smelled. He spit when he talked.

  • However, that Buster could JUGGLE. Anything, up to 17 of 'em. And mixed sets: ball, club, disc, fireclub, fireball, cleaver, fire cleaver, grenade, television, infant, fire infant,

  • Buster made videos on his youtube channel and they went viral, so much that he had a lot of subscribers. His mentor was jealous and created his own youtube channel! The revolutio

  • n wouldn't be Youtubed after all. Buster had to up the ante. He created his own Youtube ("BusTube") - just like YouTube, only just in text mode. VCs would go mad about his idea.

  • Data coverage in the jungle tunnels was minimal. Bustube provided more opportunity to coordinate and outwit the heavily armed interlopers. And that's how I met your Uncle Ho.



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