Slim chance for Folding Site. The future

  • Slim chance for Folding Site. The future of a popular story writing site is in doubt after writers were last week given seven days' notice to clear out all their questionable folds

  • and the "cease and desist" letters from vulture lawyers. The FoldingStory would be bankrupt if not for the addition of banner advertising from Google and hiring scab writers.

  • The FS scab writers were handpicked and infectious. Flaky, even. Just itching to generate a cohesive story. Oozing with pus and creativity.

  • I wiped a green blob of pus from my keyboard & kept typing. I couldn't care less about the writer's strike or the threats impaled on my front door. I was an FS scab writer & proud

  • of everything and ashamed of nothing. Nope. Dirty? I'll write it. Gross? I'll spell it. Sci-fi? Where, I'll jot it. I am an FS scab writer to the pit of my gut.

  • Can't let it go. Keep coming back to FS to see the wit, the slime and the gore. Put it away already! Watching and waiting for years to see how it ends...He felt

  • a long felt want. The want he was feeling was indescribable. So he turned to the pages of FS... where he could find all the words in the world, and more. Shiny? Presumptuous? Big?

  • Outstanding? Long? Maybe he was bisexual. Liking stories about men together on FS was surely a sign. He would have to come out of the closet soon though, or else his parents

  • would become ace fighter pilots. And God knows nobody wanted that to happen. At high noon I decided I would have to confront them, personally. There was only one way out of this

  • and that was to cower behind a computer monitor deep underground and use unmanned attack drones to finish them off in a brave and honorable manner.



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