Petunia practiced en pointe on her trunk

  • Petunia practiced en pointe on her trunk - her pink tutu like upsidedown tulip petals. All the other young elephants laughed. But she had ambition.

  • She would become the greatest White Swan the world had ever seen, but in order to do that she would also have to discover her dark side, Black Swan. And so, Petunia the elephant

  • decided to produce ebony to complement her ivory. Petunia the elephant modified her DNA until her tusks grew ebony branches, and she slimmed down for the tutu. The Black Swan role

  • was coveted by all at the Jungle Ballet, but Petunia the elephant had earned it.Bourree-ing across the floor in her Black Swan tutu,Petunia leaped into the waiting arms of Marmoset

  • Maggie. Splat. Petunia crushed her. Petunia was a large elephant, true she was a ballerina. But she had just killed her only friend in the world. Now she was all alone. This made h

  • er sad. She sat under a bhodi tree & the tears ran down her trunk. "What's wrong, pretty elephant?" a squeaky voice said. "My friend's all squashed," wailed Petunia. The tiny vole

  • Was actually underground so he was okay. Petunia stopped crying as soon as she found out. The Elephant King was coming to take her home to the bhodi tree. Lord Ganesh waited there!

  • "PETUNIA" Cried the Elephant King, "I've returned for you, I'm here to take you to the Bhodi Tree!" "I know," Yelled Petunia, "I found out when"

  • A loud screech echoed down the hall of the dark castle, interrupting Petunia. The Elephant King looked up. "Oh, no. Petunia. It's your father. He's found us."

  • And that's how Babar met his first wife, Petunia. They split after six months and she took half the kingdom. Babar knew he's made a mistake, but one doesn't argue with a girl's Pa.



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