"I know my love is hard for you to bear.

  • "I know my love is hard for you to bear. But I want you more than all the living. I want you the most." "You are Death." "And you are its Queen. You rule with me."

  • Tom Arnold said to Roseanne and she'd fallen madly, passionately foolishly in love with him. 10 years later he was cheating on her. That's when Roseanne decided to

  • shape up, shave bush, and drop trou. Roseanne became the hottest slab of meat on the dancing stage at Larry's Villa. Wouldn't Tom be crazy when he found out! Insanely jealous, no d

  • isaster in the world would have stopped him from getting to her. "Roseanne!" Tom shouted, barging into Larry's villa. "You are coming home with me!" "We broke up years ago, Tom!"

  • Roseanne replied calmly, adjusting the buttons on her blouse. "Now skee-daddle!" Tom wouldn't take no for an answer &, with effort, slung Roseanne over his beefy shoulder. Larry

  • was appalled by Tom's behavior. Once it would have been scampish, now it bordered on rape. Roseanne looked in his direction and raised an eyebrow. Larry stepped forward

  • and intervened. "No, I will not let Tom hurt you, Roseanne," Larry protected her. Tom's fists began flying in the air. "She's mine, and I will have her!" He declared but Larry

  • stood his ground.Tom's fist impacted Larry's jaw dislodging a biscupid implant & some bridgework, done by Dr.Oral Hurt. Roseanne was secretly pleased. More work for Oral her secret

  • brother. The shadowy dental cult, Kakodontia, was a close-knit group, and was constantly in search of more funds for their series of bunkers named after discredited dentists. Tom

  • Periodontitis knew the root of the problem was in the canal itself, and gummed up all libel lawsuits for as long as he could take a licking. The dental dam was erected.



  1. 49erFaithful Jan 13 2015 @ 12:17

    I don't know about the rest of this, but Larry's Villa is all too real.

  2. lucielucie Jan 13 2015 @ 12:44

    Totally excellent story! Points all round!

  3. SlimWhitman Jan 13 2015 @ 18:09

    Agreed, it extends the excellent Roseanne-Tom Arnold love-hate theme into a dental conspiracy, classic Foldingstory.

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