Sarah fidgeted by herself. He was late, but

  • Sarah fidgeted by herself. He was late, but that gave her time to think. Past experiences had taught her that it was best to reveal these things on the 3rd date.

  • Not many people knew of her ventriloquism. How she kept "Lambie-Pie" in a suitcase under the bed. The third time Derek and her met she had to tell him. She lipsticked her fist.

  • ...then pulled Lambie-Pie out of his hiding place, thinking she'd better show Derek rather than tell him. Derek stood outside her door 20 minutes later and, hearing voices, became

  • Mormon. Derek heard the voices of the Angel Moroni who told them that were platinum plates out in the woods near the

  • Gotham radio tower. Meroni and his guys were waiting. Meroni didn't like being confused with Moroni, and he told Derek as much to his face, repeatedly. Mormons, Scientologists -- w

  • ar was all they to bluff around in part of town. and there was certainly a limit to how much the other families would pass up on so much hot air. No, said Meroni, as he frowned and

  • Donned a tinfoil hat and sang, "Foil".

  • Whisper foil when you are not ready to shout if you have to, whisper foil. Say foil like a weapon against your injustice, against your privilege, and against your fuzzy yesterdays.

  • And when you have asked for foil and they have given it to you, press it against your scalp until it forms a barrier against the prying, telepathic ears of the Great Wumba-Wumba.

  • AKA the CIA, Google, the government-y' know, those guys.Don't forget to press foil around the computer, modem, internet cables, cell phone, fillings in your teeth (to be continued)



  1. SlimWhitman Jul 01 2017 @ 01:03

    Derek found it was a good way to avoid hearing voices too!

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