Looking back, I'm confident that the entire

  • Looking back, I'm confident that the entire situation could have been averted if not for the simple phrase "What can I do you for?"

  • because what I really meant to say was "What can you do for I?" But the split second before I said it, I realized my grammar was wrong, causing Bertie to believe that I wanted to

  • partake of Bertie's special 'services'. Bertie was exacting, don't mess around. 'What can you do for I?' Shite. Did I just screw with Bertie and didn't know it? Now my ass is in

  • capable of not making noises, being completely dry or itch-free. If I had messed with Bertie the stains and musky smells would be obvious. I did use Bertie's socks to get down and

  • boogie and play that funky music 'til I died. Bertie was heartbroken but my viking funeral was well attended, and Bertie was comforted by the opportunity to shoot a flaming arrow

  • At the trance dummies passing by. There were plenty of them. Bertie randomly shot them dead. And then he attended the funerals, leaving flowers. This went on three years nonstop.

  • They weren't all that different alive or dead, so no one noticed his crimes at first. Finally in the fourth year someone alerted the authority. Bertie was bound to a padded room.

  • He felt no remorse for what he had done and the police could not believe this man, now locked up, had no idea that what he had done was wrong. Was Bernie really a psychopath?

  • Or was Bernie just so simple minded that he couldn't piece together his dreadful actions with the consequences? Like a dog who has pooped on the rug, he needed someone to rub his

  • nose in it. But that was too simple instead they tied him to the out side of a box and mailed him with Nermal to Abu Dhabi where he was forced to clean up after sick camels forever



  1. Woab Oct 27 2016 @ 15:18

    Bertie to Bernie.

  2. Rebbie Oct 27 2016 @ 15:57

    Alter egos, I think.

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