"Ace, watch your head!" hissed Wanda urgently,

  • "Ace, watch your head!" hissed Wanda urgently, yet somehow provocatively through sensuous lips. He couldn't you know, since nobody can actually watch more than part of their nose

  • and none of their eyes. The button flew off of Wanda's blouse and hit Ace in the head, despite her warning. Ace stuck out his tongue. "Watch your tongue," Wanda said all naked-like

  • . Ace started laughing and soon sprained his scrotal retractor muscle. With testicles akin to two giant cherries bouncing along the pavement, Ace attempted to cover Wanda's breasts

  • but he lost his balance & grabbed one of her superdroopers in each hand. They skittered along until friction defollicled Ace's distended danglers. Sgt Doogle pulled up behind them

  • "I'm arresting yew for innuendo abuse & possession of multiple double entendres," "But Sgt Doogle, it's ART!" shouted Ace, his danglers deflating. "We'll let the court decide that

  • you are guilty..." Sgt. Doodle slipped the brass knuckles over his fingers. "and, today, I am the court." "But it's art," I repeated, simpering, every bone in my face shattered

  • like Tia Carrera's career. Sgt. Doodle pushed on my broken cheekbones and smiled. The world disappeared again. I awoke in Sgt. Doodle's office, aching and feeling a little

  • furious. Yes, just a touch furious. Sgt Doodle was seated in the chair next to my bed. He was obviously waiting for me to wake up but he had fallen asleep. Big mistake. I crept out

  • of the laboratory, tip toeing my way around sir Doodle I walked to Master's office. He told me it was fun to be experimented on. Well, there won't be much left of Master when I'm

  • Done chewing on his papers and stealing his hidden snacks. He was snoring like never before on a bus yesterday until he was kicked off by the driver. There was no argument.



  1. Flopp Apr 22 2016 @ 22:45

    Started off with Ace and Wanda's intimacy, and turned into a dog's point of view. At least. I think it's a dog. Made me crack up all the same.

  2. PurpleProf Apr 23 2016 @ 08:49

    Distended and deflated danglers..... HA!!!!

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