When grandma hobbled up to me she put her

  • When grandma hobbled up to me she put her hands out for a hug and then I sweeped her cane with my judo kick and grabbed her titanium white hair and smashed her head against

  • the cast iron cloak hook on the foire wall. Damn zombies got Granny. But at least now with her brains leaking out her ears, she'll rest in piece.

  • Petunia wouldn't stop lapping the leaking brains so that helped too. In the next room, Adam called out to Robert, "Hello Robert?" But Robert wasn't there, he was in the foyer

  • with Megan. Although Petunia was doing her best at lapping up the leaking brains, it wasn't enough for Megan. She was certain she would be

  • made Queen soon, at which point all these brains would be plebe fodder, not at all the right kind of thing for a zombie such as herself. What Megan really wanted was

  • a child to love, cherish and school in the correct way to eat brains. Zombies today had simply lost their way. And manners. Gone were the days when

  • a good brain-chewing was anything more than a daily task. The children had no zest, no zeal. But with the proper upbringing, a child could feel the same mouthwatering passion for

  • organ meats that his grandmother had. She cooked with brilliance. He could still taste her braised lung with kidneys. Kids today, she'd have said, don't know what's good. Still,

  • on her deathbed she admitted, if she had it to do over again, she would have dispatched grandfather some other way. Though the insurance money was good he left a bitter aftertaste.

  • BenGay and polident, like revenge, is best served cold.



  1. SlimWhitman Mar 23 2011 @ 19:40

    Stayed with the theme all the way! To tell through truth, I thought I was writing the last line. Thanks to Rhett for the icing on the "brain" cake.

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