Frederick fished, fairly fraught from ferocious

  • Frederick fished, fairly fraught from ferocious food. Forgiving Felicity for fondly following Frank, Frederick fastened feathers for fast flight. Frederick flew freely from Franc

  • Feeling free, feeling far from facing the true world. Going home.

  • Unfortunately, home faced the world. But I would persevere, on my small floating green moon with its leaping brooks and wildflowers. My hobbit-like cottage nestled in a hollow,

  • washed-up blue whale where it's teeth served as ornaments pinned up around the hovel. Everyday I looked out on the green, rocky terrain and wondered how it got here to begin with.

  • Maybe when I answered that Craig's List ad, "Hermit wanted: Decent Pay, Room and Board. Willing to relocate to Whale's Ruin Bay." I sat making circles with the sea shells.

  • I had a lot to think about. I shouldn't have left Cheyenne, I decided, pushing the shells around thoughtfully. I realized I had subconsciously spelled out a message in the sand:

  • "OMG WTF LOL BBQ". My subconscious was apparently every bit as inane and hopeless as the rest of the Internet. So I went back to my musing. "Ah, what I wouldn't give for a good

  • night kiss from Sheila before we go to sleep. She just switches the light off without a sound and sleeps facing away from me." Then I added " sometimes in the middle of the night s

  • he cries quietly. Sheila thinks I can't hear but I can." Then at the back of the audience, a small vole put up its paw & squeaked, "When is the interval? I want ice cream." I was

  • confused, talking voles? Mute clairvoyants? Silent tears? Then I understood:This world with its golden spotlight & starstreaked midnight curtain is a stage, and we are the players.



  1. Krammy Apr 10 2015 @ 09:22

    @Chaz I think you misread it as "I" rather than "it".

  2. Chaz Apr 10 2015 @ 12:09

    Curses: That's what I get for speed reading folds. :)

  3. SlimWhitman Apr 16 2015 @ 16:45

    Huh? I just completed this, but there are already likes and comments?

  4. KieferSkunk Apr 16 2015 @ 17:15

    That's strange - those comments are almost a week old, too.

  5. KieferSkunk Apr 16 2015 @ 17:16

    I do like your ending, though, Slim. :)

  6. Krammy Apr 16 2015 @ 17:35

    Good guy admin removed some folds that were too trolly for the site, so the game got back into play again. :)

  7. SlimWhitman Apr 17 2015 @ 04:20

    Thanks KieferSkunk. It was a bit of a copout - I couldn't figure out lucielucie's fold and just went with the poetic.

  8. lucielucie Apr 17 2015 @ 10:33

    I put my HEART and my SOUL into that fold. fyi

  9. zxvasdf Apr 17 2015 @ 16:01

    Your heart and soul had ice cream on the brain

  10. SlimWhitman Apr 17 2015 @ 17:40

    Ben & Jerry's Vole-a-tail mix?

  11. lucielucie Apr 18 2015 @ 05:21

    Mmmm... I like the crunch from the tiny bones...

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