I looked at the ingredients label of my pie.

  • I looked at the ingredients label of my pie. "Ingredients: pie" That was it.

  • I looked on the periodic table. Pie (Pi) was a new element, 50b, between tin and antimony. The steak and kidney pie on my plate had been forged in the heart of a dying star

  • Pie. I love pie anyway, anyhow & anywhere I can get it. But THIS was special. It was pie in the sky.I savored the juicy steak & kidney taste & felt myself floating upwards to heave

  • my crusty upchuck on top of the world. I wanted to eat so much pie in the sky that I would rain puke on my enemies. But, then I saw the diner in the sky.

  • I realized I was on the plate and the diner in the sky's hands were coming down towards me bearing a knife and a fork. I jumped out of reach of the fork as it dug into the parkmeat

  • , leaving me shocked. "That could have been me," I thought as I watched the massive fork drag a slice of meat high up to a ravenous-looking mouth. I rolled off the plate, bouncing

  • Off the table into the kitchen where I took refuge in the oil. Nobody tried to eat me then. Almost four years later someone was able to finish folding this story. By then, I had

  • been fried to a crisp and thrown into the garbage disposal, where I was saved by a sudden power outage. I climbed out of the sink in complete darkness, and made my way to the

  • fridge. I opened the door and discovered what he'd been buying at the supermarket. The shelves were filled with litres of chocolate milk, a tub of expired yogurt and a dead mouse.

  • I knew he was up to no good, but this is concerning. I knew I should have just gone shopping at the supermarket myself.



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