Every cupboard in his kitchen...and there

  • Every cupboard in his kitchen...and there were many of them; maybe too many to count...every single cupboard was filled with unlabeled jars of peanut butter stacked 3 high & 4 deep

  • Do I mention the peanut butter? Is it something he'd want to talk about? It's everywhere... How could I not mention it? But maybe it would be better not to?

  • It was a sticky situation, but before I could say pb&j he put his foot in it. He was barefoot so the sensation was anything but pleasant. He flailed about for a few seconds

  • before he slowed, SLAMMED his foot down, and made eye contact. "This," he said in all seriousness, "this is the best day of my life". I was glad. At least he was happy.

  • Then he alternately stomped the accelerator and brake to progress an inch at a time, staring at me, giggling. I pulled the key from the ignition and swallowed it, then jumped out

  • of the car. His smirk slowly contorted into a look of profound confusion. Before he could manage to get a single word out, I pulled my own keys from my pocket, and ate them as well

  • His eyes widened. "You're crazy!" he shouted, reaching for the door handle. I tapped my stomach and the car alarm beeped, locking the doors.

  • The creepy red-nosed clown fidgeted while smiling as the car window quickly rolled up. He found his new favorites. Darius reached for the clutch and put the Audi in drive, I don't

  • do clowns, he thought and put serious distance between him and the McDonalds. He couldn't know that his Audi had reported the close call to headquarters and Darius would soon find

  • Stinky The Skunk had visited while he was in Wallyworld. Mickey D served Darius the best shit sandwich ever made. Even dogsup couldn't hide the nefarious odours. It stank!



  1. Jimbeau Jul 02 2017 @ 15:34

    Wow! All of that from a few hundred cupboards of unlabeled jars of peanut butter. Who knew?

  2. Jimbeau Jul 02 2017 @ 15:36

    I am following you all, NOW! This is a group to be reckoned with. Outstanding bit of writing.

  3. Gibber Jul 02 2017 @ 17:20

    oops - I assumed they were in a car.

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