Baba was the black sheep of the Razzi clan,

  • Baba was the black sheep of the Razzi clan, he didn't snap shots of celebs: he was investigator for the Darwin Awards. He checked the veracity of the stories people reported.

  • But Baba checked the stories by asking the source, "Are you sure?" That was it. He had two bags full of poorly fact-checked stories which he could

  • trace the source for and his cover was running thin. Baba picked up one of the stories. "Is Chuck Norris really able to divide by zero?"

  • "Of course. Chuck Norris is capable of anything.".......Except, he knew that wasn't true. Nobody knew it, but once, a long time ago, he himself had seen Chuck Norris fail to

  • squat, and instead actually sit, on the can in the stall in the disgustingly filthy men's restroom at the truck stop. Clearly, Chuck Norris' quads were weak. Yes, he knew Chuck was

  • a karate legend, but Chuck Norris' quads were weak in his eyes. "Dammit, I can't squat over this damn toliet if I tried! I'm a clean freak, what should I do?" So he decided to

  • not decide. Aye, but he still had a made a choice; perhaps the most damaging of all. Inert, Chuck felt his bowels tremble. "The ultimate indignity awaits you!" cackled Greech, the

  • bowel wizard. Chuck felt his bowels tremble once more and started to run for a bathroom. He didn't even make it to the nearest store before he erupted.

  • Green biohazardous waste spewed out of his gagantous nose. The bowel wizard chuckled at Chuck in his despair. However, little did they know the waste spilled in quartamosiowis lake

  • This did not bode well for the local squid population, who took to their new lives as sins against creation well. The lake soon fell, and the world would only follow. Inshallah.



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    Nearly 3 years? Goodness.

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