Cursing softly at his luck, Tony tried to

  • Cursing softly at his luck, Tony tried to disentangle himself from the press of bodies now swarming him. How could he be so careless? The media hunted him relentlessly for his

  • fabulous frosted cereal. Oh to be back in the jungles of India! Stepping out of limo, he pounced on the first of the Paparazzi mauling him with his sharp claws. A Kellogg spokesman

  • explained that the Paparazzi were being very aggressive and that he was just defending himself. "Everyone know's Tony's grrreat!". But then while he was visiting the Taj

  • Gibson/Dwyane Wade poster store, Tony came across his bitter rival, the Corn Flakes Rooster. "Hello, Rooster," said Tony. "It's CORNELIUS!" replied the Corn Flakes mascot.

  • "How was I supposed to know that?" said Tony with indignation. "You could have looked it up on Wikipedia," said Cornelius. This was the kind of conversation which happened every

  • week at the pub. Tony and Cornelius would have a couple pints on the Friday and start arguing over which country had the largest population or how many species of animal

  • heads were mounted on their walls. "The Puma and the Mountain Lion are the same thing!" Tony said, getting the edge on Cornelius. Ten beers later, the pair decided

  • that the wall really wouldn't be complete without a Cougar head. Tony had a .22 rifle and Cornelius had 5 beers left out of a Pabst 30 pack so they put on some camo and headed off

  • to the woods with the rifle in one hand and a beer in the other right when they were in the woods they heard a big

  • boar comming out of the woods with its teeth drippin in blood



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