Paulo put his finger on her chin and pushed

  • Paulo put his finger on her chin and pushed her face away from him. "Ah, bellissima!" he said, admiring her profile.

  • "Grazie, Paulo. But would you please stop pushing me around?" Paulo ignored the figure model's request and said, "Perfetto! Now stay right there while I grab my tools."

  • Paulo was really getting his howitzer. The figure model sounded strangely like Hans Gruber.

  • Intersesting

  • The girl said that they were idiots now I believe it. The girl knew so much about people she didn't even know. She said all guys were jerks and didn't know anything. I believe her

  • 'cause I'm in love with her. anything Matty says is true. She said my big brother was an idiot because he didn't like her dress. Matty said my mother was an idiot 'cause she served

  • legumes for dinner. "Everyone knows legumes are a dessert," Matty said acidly. Even though my mom cried, I was still madly in love with Matty. Everything she said was true. She was

  • everything I wanted. To win her heart I grabbed the bread knife and brutally massacred the salad, I then violently attacked the legumes and to top it all off I took the wisk and

  • whipped the hell out of the egg whites I'd taken the time to lovingly separate into a large bowl.The ensuing meringue pie won me accolades, and the Grand Prize, her heart in a jar.

  • A jar I would lovingly gaze into from time to time as I looked back and reflected on the strange places that reality cooking show had taken me. Of all she was the most memorable.



  1. lucielucie May 25 2015 @ 15:51

    Hmmm... it started with a gaze and ended with a gaze... v nice.

  2. Benwicky May 26 2015 @ 18:03

    How fun that that can happen when 10 unrelated people all contribute to the same story.

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