Hello jello, they tell me your fellow is

  • Hello jello, they tell me your fellow is a fine young cello sitting fist seat to the pawn and second fiddle to second trombone. Bastards! And to think that yesterday my coffee was

  • nevermind. Sitting "fist" seat in the Orchestra meant he had obligations. The oboe players, the triangle player, the piccolo player would all have their turn moistening their fists

  • in her own moistness. She wished she had read that contract more closely and questioned what she thought was a typo. Still, she was in show business. Since Bennie Hill went off

  • on that tangent, he was much less coherent, but most certainly just as dead. It was too bad that her acting contract was tied to Benny Hill's, since she had seen a lot less

  • Shakespearean acting, which she trained at Julliard for, and lot more running around in a Bikini in fast motion. She had to had the Benny Hill's body. But where?

  • Well, if Arthur Road connected to Benny Street, she was almost there. So she ran up the hill and grabbed the dead corpse, her uncontrollable desires swiftly taking hold of her.

  • She looked into the corpses eyes. Her ex-best friend Tabatha's eyes. Her lying, creepy, backstabbing eyes. I didn't do it. I wish I did.

  • Yeah, you heard me. I would’ve liked to have literally backstabbed backstabbing Tabitha, and backslapped the bastard who did, but I was hiding on the backstreets, a pusillanimous

  • urchin begging handouts from irritated passerby. I'd give them backhanded compliments, throw my backpack on my back, and think back to the time I got backstage at the Backstreet Bo

  • ys concert and lost the will to live. It's a tough world we live in. And when you realize you're not tough, Christ IS watching, and you are too late for a real job, welcome shame.



  1. m80 Nov 29 2011 @ 00:14

    oh.my.gosh. this is awesomely random and randomly awesome. such creativity!

  2. lalalollipop Nov 30 2011 @ 19:50

    Wow! This was all over the place! Awesome!

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