"Do we have a sufficient supply of milk?"

  • "Do we have a sufficient supply of milk?" asked Gary. Nancy rolled her pretty green eyes & chided, "Why don't you just say 'Do we have any milk?'"

  • Gary said "I am trying to extend my vocabulary. Instead of saying use, I now say utilise. I think I sound more sophisticated." Nancy put her hand on her forehead and shook her head

  • ache bad luck onto Gary. Gary grabbed his temples, screamed. "How does the migraine feel, Gary! Not making it up am I, Gary??!? I bet light hurts your eyes, doesn't it Gary!" Nancy

  • was enjoying this, a bit more than she should. As Nancy continue to shout, Gary covered his eyes with his arms trying to shield them from the piercing sunlight. This migraine was

  • Psychotronically activated by the Wizard himself, 1,473 miles away. He made a tinfoil hat and that helped a bit, until the tellie came on by itself. There was the Wizard, speaking

  • about the magical price cutting that was going on at Crazy Eddie's Deal-o-rama Electronics on the outer Asteroid Belt. The Wizard of Wow had been a pitchman ever since leaving the

  • kids in the station wagon with the windows cracked. The Wizard of Wow had left that life behind for fame as the spokesman for Crazy Eddie, and it had paid off. Now the universe was

  • full of Crazy Eddies frozen fanny filters. They trapped flatulence in suspended animation for shipping to the sun. The extra gaseous matter would also help to keep the sun alive.

  • "Gross," whispered star cadet Grannen as the simulation continued. Cadet Lim sniggered. "It's not like Crazy Eddie even needs the product placement. Forget fanny filters, last week

  • it was penile pencils, the week before that it was booby binders. In today's world of stupidity, ROTC stands for Redneck Officer Technical Challenge...Uncle Sam wants Dumbasses!



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