Things I have learnt while writing folds.

  • Things I have learnt while writing folds. 1. I use 'so' a lot and when I run out of characters I delete every 'so' & it makes no difference. So I don't need to use 'so' so much.

  • 2. That 'that' is a filler word. That word can be dropped wtih no consequences to the fold and that 'and' can be replaced by '&' to save space, if you want to make room for content

  • vomit then don't use any spaces. 3. You may use any language in a fold. 4. There is a ban on using speedy Gonzales, or Cheech Marin as a means to turn a fold from Spanish to Englis

  • h. 5. If you use Klingon,be ready to take the heat. 6. No folding under influence...of commom sense. 7.No personal matters will be treated with any respect...so don't come crying.

  • 8. SLAP SLAP! That's what you get for cryin', you big baby, you! Ditto on number seven. 9. Under no circumstances should you reveal your true identity. 10. Fold your stories as you

  • would laundry - do a tenth of the work, then pass it to someone else. 11. FoldingStory is for starving artists, and 9-to-5ers who fantasize about being starving artists, only. 12.

  • Never fold hungry or you will buy stuff you don't need. 13.Do drink and fold.Better than to drink and drive but not necessarily safer. 14.keep up with the plot...or not.Who cares?

  • 15. The same goes for grammar, unless you're the grammar police. 16. Forget sixteen. 17. Tie up the story at the end and make it a clean cut. Don't leave the next folder hanging

  • by your dangling participle (see #15). 18. For maximum creativity, wait 10 minutes after smoking, drinking or consuming carbs before you fold. 19. Never fold when listening to

  • folds spoken in thirteen consecutive languages, each translated by a Yiddish fisherman on sabbatical from his accounting side job. 20. Always finish a fold with a



  1. SlimWhitman Jun 14 2015 @ 06:44

    Hahaha zxvasdf, I was inclined to like your fold since you are making fun of the "folding rules", but I Ithink a big goose egg makes it stand out so much better.

  2. Chaz Jun 25 2015 @ 20:52

    I love #11.

  3. SlimWhitman Jun 26 2015 @ 03:54

    11 is one louder.

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