"Why isn't anyone adding to my briliantl

  • "Why isn't anyone adding to my briliantl fold? It's just rolling off the front page & everyone's ignoring it!". It really chapped his ass. Busted his spleen. Made his blood boil.

  • Was that a plea? Duty calls! I must write the second fold! But how could I follow such perfection? It was like I had to follow the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. My pursuit was hopless.

  • But hopelessness has never really stopped me before. The hopelessness of my life is what turned me to Folding Story in the first place. So I made the second fold and then

  • that fold was folded until 10 lines had been done. That's when AWW WHO AM I KIDDING? My folds always just end. No one ever adds to them and they just go into some limbo where

  • they float around and bump into unfinished code projects of CompSci undergrads and countless fraudulent profiles from dating sites. Just once couldn't my fold meet a

  • person determined enough to finish off what had been started and who wasn't so peevish as to seek the only human contact through that awkward - 'meet your lifetime partner' sites-.

  • Those sites are usually stocked with pot- or crack-smoking liars with crabs who'll betray you in a span of four months. Good luck not getting tied up in a sleazy apartment with doo

  • msday messages scrawled using smelly substances across walls and doors, where the air hangs heavy and stale. You'll be sorry, moving into such an establishment, and wish that

  • you'd stayed here with me & Chrissie! I know it was annoying having Mr. Roper dropping in all the time, but please move back in with us, Jack, PLEASE! If you do, I promise I will

  • play Risk whenever you want & I promise Mr Roper will remain fully dressed at all times". That evening Jack turned up with his duffel bag & that's when this story really begins.



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 21 2014 @ 06:48

    I'm rather amused to see this was a sleeper started on 11/11/11.

  2. Zetawilk Apr 21 2014 @ 19:23

    Gawddam, that's too man 1s, I need a break or somethin'. Freakin' numbers, man. Hell. Can't take it.

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