Sail on, Silver Girl

  • Sail on, Silver Girl

  • She looked in the mirror. Her mom looked back. How did she get this old? Her hair had turn silver but she still had a Backstreet Boys tattoo.

  • That was just one of the many decisions of youth she now regretted. The BSB's facial features had migrated, along with certain sagging body parts, toward her southern hemisphere.

  • Her once heliotropic north pole was now just a tuft of hair on the point of a featureless cone. The BSB regarded the tattoos, now stretched out of shape, on her bowl shaped bottom.

  • He suggested that they watch Pingu or go club a seal, but she told him she wasn't that kind of north pole. He eyed her bowl shaped bottom & rolled his tongue at her. The twinkle

  • of her bedazzled jean pockets had him full of ideas. Mostly about where he could take her later that night to get some free

  • -dom fries. They tried Canadian Popeyes, but it was ll 'French this" and "French that". "French you!" he shouted at the counterperson, who immediately jumped on him and began to

  • adjust his beret and necktie in a more becoming Gallic fashion. "Now you are one of us" said the counterperson, standing back to look admiringly at his handiwork. "Try a croissant

  • Filled with fresh picked strawberries I just made." He agreed and then spewed out his next novel, a homage to Proust. He won the 1991 Pavlov Award for his first novel. Action was

  • VOCIFEROUSLY STRIDENT; words were like breathy whispers. Pavlov would’ve hated “Remembrance of a Strawberry Patch” winning the award in his name...but he’s dead...so who cares.



  1. Gibber Feb 22 2017 @ 19:37

    I thought "she" was "the BSB" and so HER features had migrated. I came up with tattoos from "the many decisions of youth she now regretted." And so by "The BSB regarded the tattoos" I meant that she regarded the tattoos, not that the Backstreet Boys tattoo regarded itself. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Jimbeau Feb 23 2017 @ 00:40

    Gibber...what you wrote was great...you don't need to apologize...this particular FS has a nice flow...when I read it in paragraph form, I laughed...thought it was pretty damn good.

  3. Gibber Feb 23 2017 @ 03:13

    Yes, nothing is ever wrong in a folding story. If a he changes to a she and then to first person, and then buys a car but later ends up having stolen it, then it is what it is.

  4. Woab Feb 23 2017 @ 16:47

    ...and if there is no "a" in the word "all" we just assume it is a French thing. I like this story, too.

  5. Gibber Feb 24 2017 @ 03:17

    I thought that "ll" was a roman 2 for "too" - but it was too "French this"

  6. Woab Feb 25 2017 @ 11:29

    Do they even make Roman fries?

  7. lucielucie Feb 26 2017 @ 16:33

    They're called SPQRies and come in bundles.

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