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  • The was the message flashing on the screen. The high priest of nothingness pulled the plug out, saying he had a headache. That was just the beginning of the real story being folded

  • , which, as it turns out, the message flashed was in some kind of code. Operation Enigma was anointed by the priest to begin the decoding processing. So far, the letters are...

  • E...A...T...A...T... "That's it," the priest announced, sighing "There are no more letters to decode." The Operation Enigma team was stumped. Suddenly, Kareem shouted, "I've got

  • a freaking time machine! What the heck!?"

  • With a hiss the door opened. My twin stared me straight in the face. "What month is it?" "January." He handed me an avocado. "No time to explain." he said and vanished into time.

  • When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, no question. When your time-traveling twin hands you an avocado, you make guac, a guac to end all guacs, a guac that could save the

  • world from another ridiculous wall between two countries. You looked at yourself carefully. "Don't worry, he doesn't win anyway." It was like you could hear what you were thinking.

  • But he did win. And the world was forever ravaged by war and disease. Humankind would run out of land to ruin, so they would turn to themselves. It was the end.



  1. Chaz Mar 14 2016 @ 23:03

    Starts with Wolfofthedrp, ends with wolfoftheden. Related?

  2. KnoppferHang Mar 17 2016 @ 08:22

    That's so crazy it just might work! Someone pull out the tacks and poster boards!

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