Josiah had been a zombie for several years

  • Josiah had been a zombie for several years before a friend recommended lavender bath salts. They made him feel calm yet zesty. Sometimes he felt like dancing, but his remaining leg

  • itimacy among the zombie horde already precarious from Josiah's whirling dervish dance was destroyed by his sweet lavender smell. His friend the giant honking Bee,Babbity Bumble

  • Herman was intoxicated by the lavender smell. He slammed his mandible against it. Wild, purple blotches streaked across his mind. Babbity Bumble Herman the giant bee said, "Josiah

  • Wedgewood said that beautiful forms & compositions are not made by chance, but my lavender thoughts are both lovely and random." Babbity Bumble Herman the giant bee was dusted with

  • pollen & chose that moment to whiz by. Mr. Wedgewood sneezed his brains out all over my beautiful china, "Ow, that stings!" Then Babbity Bumble Herman the bee tried apologizing

  • , but it was a lost cause. No longer having any brains, Mr. Wedgewood could not process any sort of apology anyway. Babbity Bumble Herman (the bee) ruined my china and now I was

  • Using the 1,295,109 pieces on the floor to fold stories. Waste not, want not, my mum taught me as a child. My mum was applauding me as I cleaned up the mess, holding a vacuum.

  • I mockingly feigned sucking it all into the vacuum of Space and mum was almost rolling on the floor with laughter. Then I accidentally really did it and her face as she got sucked

  • into the vacuum of space had an expression of surprise. "Surprise, Mom," I yelled, "Happy Mother's Day!" Mom had always dreamed of going to space and now she was there. I was happy

  • I had made her dream come true. Every night I see the stars in the heavens and think of her, and my heart expands like the cosmos.



  1. m80 May 13 2017 @ 21:14

    Happy Mother's Day! *miss you, mom* <3

  2. SlimWhitman May 14 2017 @ 06:48

    Glorious ending and right on time, m80!

  3. Woab May 15 2017 @ 10:53

    Amazing. I love happy endings.

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