As the man walked out of his front door he

  • As the man walked out of his front door he could not believe what he was looking at. The disaster that was left from the tornado that swept through town left the man feeling

  • like the mashed potato he would have been eating for dinner had the tornado not destroyed it. He sat down on his door step and sang a sad song:

  • Ace of Spades, by Motorhead. It wasn't the song itself he found sad, but that Lemmy had passed on the same day that the tornado had struck. Had Lemmy been killed by the tornado, it

  • would've been inspiring: Lemmy confronting the tornado, chin up, hair blown back. "I just traveled 2,000 miles & got a new set of teeth. I won't take sh*t from nobody." But death

  • was not impressed with Lemmy's bridgework, and felt it needed rearranging. That's why Death had the twister touched down on Major Butz Dentistry before sucking up Lemmy.

  • HA! TRICK FOLD! Death IS Lemmy! Woooooooo!

  • NO! THIS CAN'T BE! I must consult my tricky con men to make my folds more tricky than yours! Oh no! My con men disappeared after I paid them, DARN! Why can't I win?

  • You cannot win because you have failed your duty as a folder, you shall soon be sent to folding hell, were you can only put three characters into a fold!

  • It is quite unfortunate that I have to be sent to folding the only thing I can do is spam, "Go big red." as it only three characters.

  • But fold I must, for it is my life, my soul, my...my everything. With trembling fingers,I finished the story, sweet anticipation beading my brow. Would this one be the masterpiece?



  1. Gibber Jan 25 2016 @ 23:22

    Another fold based on real life: In about 1986 Motorhead played in a town just outside New Orleans on their Orgasmatron tour. It was the loudest concert I've ever been to. Even with ear plugs it sounded like "KGKGKGKGKG." Everyone's memory varies, this is mine: Someone threw a cup of ice onto the stage. Lemmy threw down his bass and stomped off. He came back after awhile and was saying something about how he didn't appreciate that, touring is hard. I remember he said, "I've traveled 2,000 miles and got a new set of teeth. I don't need this sh*t." Then someone threw a beer bottle at him. To my horror, he picked up the mic stand, the kind with a 20 pound base, and threw it into the densely packed audience like a spear. The audience got out of the path of the projectile. The surge knocked a friend of mind back onto one knee. People slammed down onto his forward leg, breaking it. I don't know if anyone else was hurt. The show was over.

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